DJI Matrice 600 in Canada – The worthwhile investment

DJI has long been a trusted player in the field of drone manufacturing. The brand has launched several drone models to cater the flying needs of novices to professionals. And whatever needs you have, you can easily choose to get the most perfect drone for you in today’s world. If professional aerial cinematography is in your mind, you can take a look at the latest DJI Matrice 600 in Canada which is purposefully designed keeping in mind the high-end Hollywood film making.

Matrice 600 provides drone enthusiasts a bunch of intelligent competences that make filming aerial scenes a smoother breeze. Along with its A-list feature set, DJI also prepared its latest drone with high-end camera and gimbal compatibility, enabling filmmakers the power to even hoist RED’s Epic into the skies. In simple words, DJI just managed to upgrade the UAV standards yet again.


According to drone experts, this is just another piece of smart engineering such as dust-proof propulsion systems, actively cooled motors, and long-lasting battery etc. Matrice 600 permits flight controllers to install six different batteries into the craft itself while also providing them one-button control over turning them on. In addition, its smart battery system incessantly updates users with each battery’s status level and even keeps the UAV in flight if one fails or dies.

The next-gen LightBridge 2 Video downlink allows cinematographers stream 1080p video in 60 frames per second 3 miles away. With advanced triple modular severance and incessantly running diagnostics which actively equate sensor data, the Matrice 600 flies absolutely flawlessly. As filmmakers of any skill level would attest, this is truly supreme to any shoot.


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