DJI Osmo – Now use your smartphone as a hand-held camera

Are you fond of drones? Have you ever thought of using a device that can convert your smartphone as a hand-held camera monitor? No. This is really possible with DJI Osmo. This is truly a smart hand-held device that features superb grip and is an all-inclusive package.


The Osmo is comprised of four parts: a Zenmuse X3 three-axis gimbal with a camera, an easy to hold handle with control buttons, a 10.8Wh battery and a phone clamp. The total weight of the package is not more than 538 grams (1.19 pounds) which makes it easy for the user to manage even after the mounting the smartphone to it However, you can get this down to 422 grams (0.93 pound) if you choose to wipe out the phone holder. The package also comes with a lens cap along with a wrist strap for safety purposes, as well as an appealing carrying case.

No matter how adventurous you’re, you would always find Osmo functionality great even without DJI Go App on iOS and Android. You can define the photo aspect ratio, video resolution and also thevideo frame rate. Just use the app to modify your gimbal’s parameters and reset it in case you need it. To link up, just turn on the Osmo, connect your phone to the gimbal’s WiFi hotspot and then launch the app.

Though the Ronin in Canada is extremely popular, DJI Osmo has emerged out as another fabulous hand-held gimbal that you can count on.


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