DJI Phantom 3 in Canada – A stable performer

Since a long time, DJI has managed to maintain its dominance in the field of aerial drones. By offering a wide range of drones, DJI offers a drone for every distinctive need a buyer has. In line with its commitment to revolutionize the drone industry, DJI has come up with a new player in its offerings – DJI Phantom 3. It is considered as a ready-to-use quadcopter that comes with an in-built camera and is capable of capturing stunning 4K resolution video. The drone is one of the most stable drones available today due to its fabulous integrated three-axis gimbal. Moreover, its intelligent modes belong to company’s high-end models.


Though there are several other standard drones available in the market in the same price range, it is hard to get a quadcopter with similar features and not refine as a finished product. For beginners, it lacks the Visual Positioning System that the other Phantoms have that would have let users more feasiblyoperate it indoors without GPS. Likewise, the Standard employs GPS only for positioning outdoors, while the Professional and Advanced use GPS along with GLONASS, a subordinate satellite system for quicker and more precise positioning provided by GPS only.

The Standard’s controller is restricted to a modification wheel for moving the camera up and down with all other camera settings and controls managed via DJI‘s Go app for iOSor Android. There’s also no separate Return-to-Home button; one of the controller’s switches can be used otherwise.


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