5 Reasons Why Phantom 5 is Simply The My Favorite


Since its launch, DJI’s Phantom 4 has been my favourite Drone. And it is not just its looks but there are various reasons why it is simply the most astounding drone I ever got.


The P4 is compacted enough to fit in an easy-to-carry backpack, similar to its antecedents. However, it includes the most advanced features available. If DJI offers several models to choose from, most of buyers reach out to me asking which one was the greatchoice. The issue has now been resolved, as the only model available is superb at all levels.

Extended flight time

Considering the technical aspects of the Phantom 4, it’s highly significant that the fact that the gimbal has been right integrated into the body of the quadcopter. The SD card is also feasibly integrated in the casing.You can fly with peace of mind, and without the worries of gettingit charged all the time.


The propellers of Phantom 4 are so quick to change.it is just a matter of pushing and twisting. This was very feasible when one wanted to take off rapidly, before the impending rain reached there. You can count on its gear even in rough conditions. Its latest magnesium skeleton diminishes the platform weight and its arduousness reduces vibration.

Awesome Camera

On the P4 that suggests filming at 4K (3820×2160) at 30 fps. You can now produce extremely cool slow motion footage by recording at 60 fps or 120 fps.

Highly feasible aerial assistance



To explore from the air the landscapes around the snow-capped mountains, and to produce high-res images for any given, photographing the traditional dances from the culturally enriched area, Phantom 4 is really the most sought drone machine available today.


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