Typhoon H in Canada – Experience the difference

In the field of drones, DJI is arguably the most promising name. From beginner drones to professional ones, the brand’s range of products is so varied that people would always find the perfect machine for them at feasible rates. But Yuneec’s latest product, the Typhoon H, has the power to challenge the dominance of DJI. The brand’s newest drone isn’t just a bit distinctive or stacked with fabulous features). It’s also far more dominant than any other drone in the same price range. It comes with a price of $1,300, putting nearly face-to-face with the $1,400 DJI Phantom 4.



The distinguished aspect that sets the Typhoon H a bit ahead: it’s a hexacopter, with six rotors rather than the four given on the popular quadcopter design. What’s more, the Typhoon H only requires five of those rotors to maintain its position in the air, so if one motor goes out mid-flight, it won’t crash or squish. The H also comes with foldable rotor arms, which cuts down on the size of the transport case and makes it approximately the same size as a normal quadcopter when packed.

Another prominent thing about Typhoon H Canada is that it is extremely consumer-friendly. It packages a highly effective 4K video camera (shooting 30fps or 60fps in 1080p, and featuring 12-megapixel stills) and flies just ok with only one person at the controls. It can also be combined with a second controller though, which opens up the likelihood of discrete pilot and camera, something not easily done with any other equally-priced drone in the market.


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