DJI Matrice – For a professional outcome every time

When it comes to buy a perfect drone for the purpose of aerial cinematography, the options are endless. Sometimes it gets excessively perplexing for the buyers to find the right device for their specific needs. Among various contenders, DJI Matrice emerges out as a promising device that lets their users explore the world like nothing else.

large_p2-1_largeThe Matrice 600 (M600) by DJI is actually the brand’s latest flying platform specifically developed for professional aerial photography and industrial uses. It is designed to meticulouslyincorporate with a range of effective DJI technologies, such as the A3 flight controller, Lightbridge 2 transmission system, Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system, for optimum performance and easy setup.

The modular design of DJI Matrice is quite easy to assemble and ready for flying in just few minutes. Moreover, its next-gen dust resistance propulsion systems put maintenance on ease whereas its amazingly cooled rotors ensure extended operational hours. It exhibits excellent compatibility with all leading Zenmuse cameras and gimbals and supports optimum payload of 6 kg.

raw1_1024x1024DJI’s latest device features sine-wave driven, intuitive ESCs that ensures impeccable performance that is more precise, safe and most importantly efficient while its A3’s self-adaptive flight systems regulate flight parameters on their own given their varying payloads. The A3 can be advanced with two extra GNSS and IMU units to A3 Pro or with D-RTK GNSS for improved precision.

By employing 6 low-size DJI Smart Batteries, users can transport it almost anywhere.  A modified battery management system and power distribution board enables all six batteries to be switched on with just a single button press, and maintains the quadcopter in flight in the case of the loss of a single battery, and enables users to check the battery position in real-time during flight.


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