NDVI Drone – Their Role in Agriculture Sector

In recent times, drone has touched various aspects of our lives and commerce. The latest is the agriculture where drones have been playing pivotal role in enhancing agricultural productivity and optimum use of available resources.

Agriculture is one sector which heavily relies on legwork and human labour. A large number of farmers worldwide manually check the health of their crops by checking the presence of bugs, weeds, deceased soil and other symptoms of problems. However, if there is a great watching tool present, the job could have done in a much easier and quicker way. This is where drones have been playing a big role in today’s agricultural landscape and the type of drone being used in NDVI drone.


Here NDVI refers to normalised difference vegetation index. The drone makes the use of near-infrared signals for carrying out the surveillance job. As leaf cells reflect the solar radiation in near-infrared spectral area, the drone tracks the same and forwards the information to the controller for further usage.

Today, these drones rely on high-end cameras that procure infrared bands. The ground resolution of UAV generated images is one thousand times better as the replicated radiation does not need to travel through the entire atmosphere. This results into the delivery of more precise results in the form of detailed imagery.

The best part of using this this NDVI drone technology is that it can detect any problem with the plant almost 10 days prior before it becomes visible to the human eye. This advanced warning system tends to prevent big-level crop losses. It is seriously a much effective way to detect any abnormal to the crop. There are many high-end drones available in the market that helps professionals working in this domain.



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