Dji Phantom 4 – A Drone Of Your Dreams

Since the time drones have emerged out in the market, they have become a crucial part of various applications. And new drones have been regularly coming up in the market to woo the drone enthusiasts. One latest entrant is DJI Phantom 4. If you’re under impression that drones are nothing more than a flying machine with four rotors, this amazing device will wipe out the dust and deliver an amazing drone flying experience that you never got.

Though it has some intuitive control options, DJI Phantom 4 is great for almost anyone. The first & foremost distinctiveness is its sleek design that sets it apart from other its counterparts. It is loaded with four rotors, a high-end camera and a group of smart sensors that keep it flying without getting crashed.

If you’re never flown a drone earlier, its smart navigation options let you handle it feasibly. You can either fly it on a manual basis using the right and left stick, or you can manage it with thelinked mobile device and go for Tap to Fly.


Even you can choose to do visual tracking with Phantom 4 in Canada. For example, if you want to capture your dog following the ball, you can simply tap the dog and the device will follow. This is really amazing if you want to follow anyone around.

Its powerful camera is capable of recording 4K videos and full HD 1080 pixel videos effortlessly. For storage, the drone comes with a 16 GB MicroSD card that can used to save images and videos.

For best deals on Phantom 4 in Canada, you can refer to various online sites dealing into the same. You decision to buy a drone in Canada can be best fulfilled by these online retailers.


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