What’s So Special About The Alexa Mini?

Though there is an endless range of drones for sale in Canada, it is quite hard to find the perfect drone for your specific needs. One great drone is the ALEXA Mini. The digital motion picture camera packs a lot of firepower into an extremely compact, carbon-fiber body. These specifications also match what one might expect to get in future consumer-range cameras, in the form of video capabilities.


The most crucial part of drone Alexa mini is its Super 35mm version ARRI ALEV III CMOS sensor combined with a level color filter array. ARRI guarantees the machine is capable of 14+ stops of sensitivity when shooting with an exposure file of 160-3200.

The machine can be controlled in a number of ways, including using a wireless control. It also comes with a built-in lens motor controller that enables new active lens motors to link to the PL mount thus enabling for better focus, iris and zoom to all be managed using an ARRI hand unit, and even wirelessly. This presents the ALEXA Mini 4K an amazing option for a drone application.

The Mini has dimensions of 185x124x140mm (7.3×4.9×5.5″), and its weight is of just 2.3kg (5lbs). ARRI cameras are largely known for being exceptionally modular, and the ALEXA Mini 4K is no different from them. Its titanium PL mount can be exchanged for an EF mount, and the camera can also be managed like a handheld with the inclusion of the ARRI MVF-1 viewfinder and a hand rig.

If you’re looking for a compact, powerful drone with a good camera, this could be a nice choice for you in many ways.




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