Get to know more about DJI Osmo Mobile

For those looking to get clear, hassle-free videos from any smartphone, the Osmo Mobile camera gimbal is the ultimate choice. And further, it comes at an attractive price so you can easily make the most out of it.

With smartphone cameras becoming more effective and smarter day by day, it is always a great choice for users to use a camera gimbal and get some amazing pictures and videos. Some even come with image stabilization features so one can expect to get smoother less distorted photos while walking or panning.

Similar to other gimbals for various drones, the Osmo’s gimbal is capable of moving in three axes and maintaining your phone focused in exactly the same direction even while you walk around. The gimbal also reduces the effects of shaky hands and once you get used to it, you can be able to get stunningly cinematic captures that would be hard for people to believe that they are captured using a phone.

The Osmo Mobile links with iPhone and Android devices that come between 589 – 85mm wide. For better reference, the iPhone 6 Plus are 80mm wide, so majority of phones with screen sizes up to 5.7in should fit perfectly.

medium_osmo_mobile_1_compact medium_osmo_mobile_2_compact

Its build quality is superb and you can adjust if you find that your phone doesn’t fit well in the gimbal. A big-size dial on the backdrop enables people to quickly clamp and unclamp their device, and rubber pullouts maintain it securely in place. If you’ve already used other versions of the Osmo, you won’t find using it much different.



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