Freefly Alta 8 – The Most Sought After Camera Drone For Professionals

If you’re already aware of the Alta 6, the biggest difference in the Alta 8 is its 8-rotor support for flying. The foremost objective behind launching this camera drone is to extend the capabilities of the Altas range for people who wish to carry the biggest cinema/gimbal/sensor packages.

While designing the Freefly Alta 8, the engineers tried to make significant changes in the drone over the previous version of Alta such as:

  • Surrounded receiver mounting bays
  • Molded closeout panels for better height hold output
  • Fast discharge top and bottom mount battery trays
  • Dimmable status and orientation LEDs
  • Location improvement of FPV camera

This high-end octocopter is mainly regarded as professional gear developed to take along Freefly’s MoVI 5, not only beneath but also on top, presenting up a lot more shooting possibilities. It’s the drone that aerial filming professionals have been waiting for, for a long time. The Freefly ALTA 8 opens, ready to use, with just five minutes. It’s smoother to use, power-packed, agile, stable, reliable and improved for payloads of up to twenty-pounds.

ALTA8-04_1024x1024_79fb428d-3dd7-4ab8-a534-c4f6be5d983a_1024x1024Made to make work easier for top end aerial cinematographers, the camera drone comes in a full-bodied, industry certified pelican case and can be used by just opening and flying. Freefly designed the ALTA in combination with the MoVI camera as it plays a great role in stabilization. This provides flyers the power to do a smooth transition from handheld film capturing to recording aerials in no time employing the Toad in the Hole Quick Release.


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